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From a place to track your yearly to-dos, to a holiday gift organizer page, to a weekly cleaning checklist, the Daily Planner has everything you need to keep your life, work and personal, the most organized it's ever been.

As obsessed organizers ourselves, The Dailee team is in love with this planner and we know you will be too.  

What You'll Get: 

Sophia, our founder, has incorporated her detailed system for scheduling and planning all of her work projects, goals, personal to-dos, and more, throughout this planner!

 Here are all the details: 

  • Cover Page
  • January - December 2024 Calendar
  • Holidays
  • Birthday List
  • Yearly To-Dos
  • Password Tracker
  • Travel Plan
  • Weekly Cleaning Checklist
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist
  • Holiday Gift List Organizer
  • Monthly Goals & Reflections
  • Monthly Budget & Expenses
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Overview - Includes a Grocery List, Workout Tracker, Daily Menu, Habit Tracker, Deadline and Important To-Dos
  • Daily Pages - Includes Time Blocking, To-Do Lists, and Notes
  • Each Weekday Has Its Own Page, Saturday / Sunday Combined Weekend Page
  • Notes Pages
  • Fully Dated

Planner Specifications: 

  • Paper weight = 80 GSM 
  • Dimensions = Inner pages are 9"x7" 

**All sales final. We are not able to accept address changes. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Worth the Money

I saw this last year and wanted to try it so badly. Between the exchange rate and the shipping to get this to Canada I paid over $100CAD for this planner and I love it. I would love for it to be available on Amazon or somewhere that shipping is less insane, but ultimately it was my decision to pay that and I am a huge fan of the product.
The layout is perfect, I love having a daily spread rather than weekly. Sharpie highlighters don’t bleed through, the paper quality is good.
A warning though, it’s fat and heavy which is fine cause leave mine at home, but if you take it to work with you it is bulky.
Would love to have the option to have the weekends be full pages as well as I work shift work.

Phenomenal planner

I purchased back in October after noticing how fast they go out of stock. And let me just say I love it. I love feeling like I can keep my mind organized with how well it’s been set up. The quality is excellent and I feel pretty happy with the price point. I e already had others see mine and want to purchase as soon as they’re back in stock and we’ll see how this year goes but I envision I’ll be buying this every year from here on out!

Great planner with room to improve

I am absolutely obsessed with the layout of this planner, it has made my days so much easier. The grocery list section is a game changer for sure. My only two complaints is that the book mark has a very hard time staying attached, the connectors seem to bend out of shape a bit and the very last hole on the cover has completely broken because of the way the wire of the binding was bent, it caused a lot of wear from opening and closing it. It does seem like this planner is more than 2 months into use with those issues but they are minor and can be lived with. I will never use another planner again.

Lauren Wagner
Loved this planner but fell apart

I bought the 2023/24 planner (not the college one) and loved it until it started to fall apart about five months into using it. I took it to work every day so maybe that’s why, but the spiral binding doesn’t close all the way so the rings started to grow apart and the covers fell off and papers started sliding out no matter how hard I tried to reinstall it and push the rings back together.

Sarah Stout
Disappointed 😞

The organizational aspect of this planner is phenomenal. The quality, delivery, and packaging however leave a lot to be desired. The paper is so thin (and weirdly blue?) that you can see the information on the back of the page through the front of each page. I haven't taken pen to paper yet, but I'm sure any pen I would usually use would bleed right through. The dividers are sturdy and a nice ivory color but the pages themselves are flimsy at best and again, oddly blue. I've been buying planners at this price point and higher for a long time and this is probably the worst quality I've received. I was so excited to get this planner because of all the hype around it and scheduled my work day around the drop. The delivery took a long time (10 days) for something I had to pay $7 shipping for, it was also shipped by Mail Innovations which is thru UPS and does not provide tracking. The package itself was cute but arrived pretty beat up and consequently, the unwrapped planner inside has quite a few blemishes on the cover. I'm not sure I'll use this planner at all, which is extremely disappointing because the layout is my dream. I just can't imagine trying to keep my thoughts straight when I can see the writing on the other side of the page all the time. Three stars feels high but I've also never made a negative review and can't get myself to go lower. It's just disappointing.