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The Blogging Planner that has every single thing you'll need to stay organized and on top of everything your days throw at you. 

Sophia created this Blogging Planner with her younger self in mind. This is exactly what she wishes she had when she first started her blog. From content planning sheets, to monthly KPI trackers, to a reader profile avatar, this Blogging Planner has everything a blogger could need to stay organized as they build their business. 

What You'll Get: 

  • UNDATED Daily Planner (with time-block section!) - Starts in January
  • Yearly Content Plan
  • Password Tracker
  • Branding Guide
  • Blogging Tasks
  • Reader Profile Avatar
  • Holiday Content Planning
  • Content Planning
  • Monthly KPIs Tracker
  • Monthly Budgeting Sheets
  • Monthly Goals
  • Weekly Overview
  • This Week's Blog Posts
  • Notes Pages
  • ....AND MORE! 

Planner Specifications: 

  • Paper weight = 80 GSM 
  • Dimensions = Inner pages are 9"x7" 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lauren Orndoff
Love! Super helpful! Beautiful too!

I love this planner! It’s clear, concise, and extremely helpful for knowing your stats and planning future content. I love the design and aesthetic as well. I read earlier comments about the undated starting January beginning negative; that you have to “work backwards.” I don’t understand this at all, you simply start where you are in the year and next year at that time start a new planner. This is exactly what you would do with ANY undated planner. If you are on the fence, don’t be!! It’s worth every penny!!

Joshlyn Hayden
Love Love Love

I love this planner! It has everything I need to stay on top of my blog. Please don't discontinue this planner! Oh if you're wondering if you can use it like a regular everyday planner you can! And no matter when you purchase it, it will work because it is not dated! My old planners had this feature and I love it <3

Absolutely Love this Planne!!!

I ordered this planner because I previously have been using three different planners to track everything from class, work and my business. Since getting the dailee planner I have absolutely loved it and will definately order furture planners from here.

At first I was woried about my pens bleeding through the pages but I have been able to use Mildliner highlighters, G2 Pens, and Staedtler fineliners with minimal
to no bleeding through the pages!

Ashley Jennis
Ordered for myself and a friend!

I LOVE THIS PLANNER! I found y'all on Tik Tok and I've been looking for a planner with all these features. I am so excited to have found it!!

Britt B
I'm obsessed.

I want to now stock up and have several for the years to come!! This is amazing!!