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From a place to track your yearly to-dos, to a holiday gift organizer page, to a weekly cleaning checklist, the Daily Planner has everything you need to keep your life, work and personal, the most organized it's ever been.

As obsessed organizers ourselves, The Dailee team is in love with this planner and we know you will be too.  

What You'll Get: 

Sophia, our founder, has incorporated her detailed system for scheduling and planning all of her work projects, goals, personal to-dos, and more, throughout this planner!

 Here are all the details: 

  • Cover Page
  • January - December 2024 Calendar
  • Holidays
  • Birthday List
  • Yearly To-Dos
  • Password Tracker
  • Travel Plan
  • Weekly Cleaning Checklist
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist
  • Holiday Gift List Organizer
  • Monthly Goals & Reflections
  • Monthly Budget & Expenses
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Overview - Includes a Grocery List, Workout Tracker, Daily Menu, Habit Tracker, Deadline and Important To-Dos
  • Daily Pages - Includes Time Blocking, To-Do Lists, and Notes
  • Each Weekday Has Its Own Page, Saturday / Sunday Combined Weekend Page
  • Notes Pages
  • Fully Dated

Planner Specifications: 

  • Paper weight = 80 GSM 
  • Dimensions = Inner pages are 9"x7" 

**All sales final. We are not able to accept address changes. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mary R
Amazing planner - even better customer service

Love my planner! I do a lot of research for a planner that will actually for work me and so far it’s been great for planning my next year ahead. I also love the spiral type they used so the wire doesn’t come off the planner. When there were issues with my order (from shipping/delivery, not their fault) , the response time was very quick and they were super helpful. And in the end I got my product! Rare to see a company with both great products and customer service!

love love love

i absolutely love this planner. i was worried that there would be a lot of pages i wouldn’t end up using as someone who is super organized but also doesn’t like to feel like my life depends on a planner to function, but i end up using just about every sheet in here. only thing i would have liked to see would be a couple more travel planning sheets, even if they were weekend/local travels. as someone who is planning a trip every chance i can get off work, i would like a smaller organization sheet for those trips too! i also like to jot down random thoughts quite often, so more organized space for those brain dumps would be super helpful. overall, an amazingly organized planner. i’m so pumped for 2024 to start so i can start my weekly planning!!

For type As!

Thank you for creating this planner, it is BY FAR the best I have seen on the market. The cover and coils are great, and the daily layout is perfect, 5AM to midnight is fantastic.

A couple of changes I would make, and this is based off my own preference (lol this is so type A of me). The front cover was dirty, the postcard which was dark ink sort of stamped onto the blush cover and there are some grey marks on it. Wrapping the planner in tissue paper might be helpful! I would love to see an added expense list, on the back side of the page that has the expense tracker (basically one page with both sides being expenses). The paper was also a bit thinner than I was expecting. I my regular pens (papermate flair felt tip) bleed through. I would also prefer if the monthly calendar overview started on Monday and ended on Sunday (to match the weeks!), rather than starting on Sunday and ending on Saturday. Lastly, I read another comment with similar feedback, but the monthly overview having one side be the divider is a warm tone ivory, while the other side is the cool toned.

I hope that feedback makes sense. I really really really an excited to use this planner, so thank you and thank you for shipping to Canada. I know you're working so hard to get these babies out and to us, and I see all the hard work and changes you are doing on socials. :) Looking forward to a perfectly planned year!!!

Emily Boehm
Different color pages

I love this planner! This is my second year ordering this planner and it works great for my job and life. My planner this year has two different toned pages. Most of the pages have a blue hue to them while the divider pages are an ivory. This doesn’t change the use of the planner, but an odd overlooked detail for a “type a” planner.