How It All Began

As a type-A herself, Sophia quickly learned that the key to being successful with her time (and life) is being as organized as possible... and the easiest way to staying organized is using a daily planner.

She was always a planner user but it became her life-line in college. She tried countless planners and none of them were specifically for college students. Right after she graduated, she designed the College Planner. It sold out FAST. 

She realized that even after college, there weren't any planners out there that had everything she was looking for. She found herself with lists and notes in her phone, email, planner, and notepads... which as you can image, ended in disaster.

So many of you have run into the same exact problem, in any occupation or life phase.  

The Dailee's ultimate goal is for all type-A organizers out there to be able to use The Dailee planners so there's no thought about where they wrote something. It's all in one place. We hope to have a planner for everyone, no matter who they are or what they do.

XO, Sophia

Trust us, it's that good.

The Daily Planner Reimagined

Wherever you are, however busy your life, The Dailee creates space for you to be whoever you want to be. The Dailee planners ensure that you have all of your most important to-dos, lists, and schedules, all in one (extremely) organized place. Whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re going, you can continue to enjoy life because you'll never have to worry that you forgot someone's birthday or an important deadline again.