2023 Daily Planner

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Introducing... The BSL Daily Planner!

After countless requests for a daily planner for the everyday woman, we made one. We included every single thing a working woman will need to stay organized and on top of everything their days throw at them. 

Sophia has been out of college for a few years now and realized there were still things she was missing from her ideal planner. With the help of the BSL team and the BSL family, we came up with the perfect daily planner for any woman.  From a place to track your yearly to-dos, to a holiday gift organizer page, to a weekly cleaning checklist, it has everything you need to keep your life, work and personal, the most organized it's ever been.

As obsessed organizers ourselves, the BSL team is in love with this planner and we know you will be too.  

What You'll Get: 

Sophia's detailed system for scheduling and planning all of her work projects, goals, personal to-dos, and more, are incorporated throughout this planner!

 Here are all the details: 

  • Cover Page
  • January - December 2023 Calendar
  • Holidays
  • Birthday List
  • Yearly To-Dos
  • Password Tracker
  • Travel Plan
  • Weekly Cleaning Checklist
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist
  • Holiday Gift List Organizer
  • Goal Sheets
    • Daily & Weekly
    • Monthly
  • Monthly Budget & Expenses
  • Main Monthly Cover Page
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Overview
    • Grocery List
    • Workout
    • Daily Menu 
    • Habit Tracker 
    • Deadline and Important To-Dos
  • Daily Pages
    • Time Blocking 
    • To-Do Lists
    • Notes
  • Notes Sheets

Planner Specifications: 

  • Paper weight = 80 GSM 
  • Dimensions = Inner pages are 9"x7" 

    If you're one of those people that needs to write things down and have everything in one place, this planner is perfect for you. With spaces to plan and organize every part of your life, this is will be your ride-or-die planner.

    **All sales final. We are not able to accept address changes. 

    This video is from our 2022-2023 Daily Planner. However, the inside pages are the same for the 2023 Daily Planner. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 386 reviews
    Lourdes Paez
    Best Planner Ever!

    I really can't wait for the next launch so sad I missed it! This journal is not for the weak it is for the determined and strong willed. It will keep you on track and organized but at the end of the day its up to you to follow through. What I loved most about the journal was the attention to detail. Also very excellent customer service my shipment was delayed but when I emailed they responded right away and were able to send me tracking information. Very helpful and kind! Can't wait for the next release!


    I started off with the college planner for a year and then used the daily lanner the next year after I gradated and both were great! I loved both of them and they both met my needs perfectly! I have no negative things to say about either of them. I do have to say on of my favorite things of it is the Holiday gift list, it was the best thing ever and kept me so organized during a hectic time of the year. I also love the To-Do List section for each day it keeps me on track and I never forget doing the things I need to do. In regards to having to write in the dates it's the smallest inconvenience ever and takes no time to do it at the start of the week. If you have the chance to purchase the planner I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!

    New Year

    When do you start making planners for the next year?


    are these coming back anytime soon, ive been scouring the internet for a similar one but alas no luck

    These will be back on May 24!

    Christine Flores

    I have been dreaming of this planner for months and I missed grabbing a physical copy. I had added my email to be notified but never received a notifications these were available. I hope you restock! Literally the planner of my dreams!