2023 College Planner

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Sophia and the By Sophia Lee team created this specifically for college students. We wanted to come up with something to keep you extremely organized and make sure no assignment or to-do is forgotten. As obsessed organizers, the BSL team is in love with this planner and we know you will be too.  

After a successful first launch, we asked the BSL family how we can make the college planner even better. With lots of amazing ideas, we decided to reformat the daily page and added a monthly project and exam planner. 

What You'll Get: 

Sophia's detailed system for scheduling and planning all of her college classes and staying on top of her schoolwork while working full-time is incorporated throughout this planner!

Here are all the details: 

  • Cover Page
  • January - December 2023 Calendar
  • Holidays
  • Birthday List
  • Semester Schedule
  • Individual Class Planner
  • 4 Year Course Planning
  • Project Planner
  • Goal Sheets
    • Daily & Weekly
    • Monthly
  • Monthly Budget & Expenses
  • Main Monthly Cover Page
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Monthly Exam & Project Planner
  • Weekly Overview
    • Grocery List
    • Habit Tracker
    • Important Due Dates 
    • Top 3 Priorities
  • Daily Pages
    • Time Blocking 
    • To-Do Lists
    • Notes
  • Notes Sheets

Planner Specifications: 

  • Paper weight = 80 GSM 
  • Dimensions = Inner pages are 9"x7" 

If you're one of those people that needs to write things down, this college planner is perfect for you. With spaces to plan and organize, this is will be your go-to college planner for school this year.

Customer Reviews

Based on 487 reviews
Lourdes Paez
Just finished last year planners so worth it!

The best college planner ever! It's not a joke they thought about everything and executed so well! Yes its bulky but fits in a backpack and is small enough to fit in a purse. I loved all the organization it provided. I'm so sad I missed the launch for next year :( was looking forward to another school year and another bysophialee <3

Amelia Mcafee

Would love to know when the 23/24 college planners are being released!! I ordered one of the college planners for my 22/23 year of nursing school and it has been a lifesaver. Definitely the perfect planner for people with busy busy schedules!

10/10 Planner

I am a planner aficionado, and have rotated between a variety of planners for YEARS. This one has been absolutely ideal and single-handedly has kept me in order admits an incredibly busy college schedule. Will be ordering my 2023-2024 planner ASAP!

Colleen Kilanowski
Planner as a gift

This planner was a well researched gift that my daughter asked for as a Christmas present. She was drawn to the organizational features, binding and cover

Alexa Rush

I love the college planner, it's helped me stay productive and on top of class work as well as social relations and stuff to do with my sorority. I love it and definitely recommend to college students who are in need of a planner with busy lives.